Out of the Box Solutions

In the beginning, there was software in a box, Buy it, use it, download patches and updates, spend hours trying to figure out why it wouldn't work, and then, when the new version came out, buy it again, start all over again and and so on and so forth.

Software as a Service

Today, many of the world’s largest software technology companies, including IBM, Google and Salesforce.com, provide Software as a Service (SaaS) to offer their clients better efficiencies and lower software cost. Implementing VirtualBarter’s SaaS model for your barter software requirements enables you to pay a low monthly subscription fee to use world-class business software instead of licensing all of the required software applications to run your barter exchange for multiple computers and managing the software maintenance and support.

Leverage Web Technologies

SaaS solutions were developed to leverage web technologies such as a browser. The data design architecture of VirtualBarter’s SaaS applications are built with a 'multi-tenant' backend, which enables multiple exchanges and members to access a shared hosting and data model. This differentiates SaaS from client/server or 'ASP' (Application Service Provider) solutions in that SaaS providers are able to leverage enormous economies of scale in deployment, management, upgrades, enhancements and support, which savings we can pass on to you, our clients.

On Demand Software & Apps

On demand software licensing provides exchanges with the benefits of commercially licensed use without the associated complexity, maintenance, support and potential high initial cost of equipping every computer with applications that are only used when needed. So, get on the bus with SaaS companies such as Salesforce.com, IBM, Google and VirtualBarter. Reduce your software costs, remain focused on your core business and improve your efficiencies.