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Post Listings Easily

Sellers can place offers for sale with up to three graphic images. Member’s can also place a Want listing. Item profiles include general, media, travel, inventories, and wants.

Powerful Listing Options

Sellers are able to specify, and preview prior to making the item live, how they would like their listings to appear. Attributes sellers can specify include product name, category, quantity, short description, description (unlimited length), and price. Additional item profiles provide for additional data entry fields.

Powerful Merchandising

When placing a listing, item automatically appears in the new items list. Seller’s can also select Featured Item for the offer to appear on the Home page.

Image Upload

Sellers have the option to upload up to three images that will display on the listing page, providing buyers with a visual graphic of the item.

Re-list Products

Sellers can select an expired or sold out listing and have it easily re-listed as a new item for sale.

Inventory Management

Sellers can enter the quantity available for item. Each time a purchase is made, the inventory automatically reduces by the quantity purchased. Once an item is sold out, a seller can easily re-list the item.

Account Administration

Each seller has their own personalized area where they control their online experience. Activities sellers can perform include modifying their account information, tracking and modifying their items, placing new listings, upload images, and reviewing charges and payments.

Transaction Tracking

A seller can check the status of their purchases and sales at any time from one convenient location in their personalized Account page. They can also click on a link to send an email to the seller, or seller’s exchange.

View Charges and Payments

Sellers have the ability to easily view any charges for purchases and fees that have been assessed. Each charge and applied payment appears in a phone-bill style format member’s statement from the seller's Account area.