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Online Global Alliance

The Powered by virtualBarter solution is a complete trade exchange management system featuring 24 hour trading in an online global alliance of trade exchanges each with their own Internet marketplace. Built from the ground up as a world class Internet based trading system, the solution is all you will ever need to run and manage an online and/or broker centric trade exchange.

Trade Velocity through Collaboration

Exchanges can collaborate in an open global network of independent exchanges and trade exchange networks whose members can all trade with each other utilizing their own trade dollars via automated transparent exchange offset currency processing utilizing their clearinghouse's universal trade currency between exchanges.

E-commerce Enabled

The online marketplace provides a robust, feature rich shopping engine with inventory control and shopping cart, which enables exchanges and their members to establish an interactive marketplace by building their own database of products or services available for sale. It is fully customizable and configurable to provide a high level of control over the products or services exchanges or their members would like to offer on trade.

Content Management

The virtualBarter Content Manager enables trade exchanges to customize and modify the content and graphics of their branded website anytime. Content Manager features include adding or deleting text, modifying content or graphics, language translation, re-sorting content on a page, adding bulleted lists and headings and much, much more.

Multi-lingual / Multi-currency

Set your trade exchange to the language of your choice, and enable your members to trade worldwide with members of other exchanges. virtualBarter will automatically settle trade transactions between buyers and sellers in each exchanges local currency at the current exchange rate.

Contact Management

The contact manager enables trade exchanges to assign priority code based call logs, schedule calls and reminders for themselves, other brokers in the exchange or brokers in exchanges worldwide, enter notes for members, send emails, create lists of members with special interests, and much more.

Real Time Fee Processing

virtualBarter eliminates collection problems as cash and trade transaction fees can be charged at the time of transaction. Cash fees are charged automatically to your member's credit card or checking account each time they trade and collected fees are direct deposited to an exchanges bank account daily.

Email Marketing

The email marketing system enables exchanges to easily create feature rich HTML emails with product and service offers pulled right from the global trade marketplace. Then track the click-through response to those emails for fast follow-up. List segmentation enables an exchange to create customized email marketing lists so that members receive only offers that are of interest to them. Additionally, set and forget enables you to set the parameters for a daily or weekly email and the system will automaticallty create and send an email to your members detailing all of the new trade offers from all members of all exchanges from the previous day or week.

Trade Opportunity Marketing

Set the marketing parameters for a daily or weekly email and the system will automaticallty create and send an email to your members listing all of the new trade offers from all members of all exchanges from the previous day or week.


Prospective members can subscribe to your email marketing or newsletter. Exchanges are notified of new prospects interested in joining your exchange right in your inbox with other emails and notifications that require your attention. Easily convert a prospect to a member by adding just a few additional fields of information.

Sub-member Management 

Members can create up to 99 sub accounts for employees, vendors and suppliers, and then transfer trade to their sub-accounts to increase trade spending in your exchange.