Provide your members with enhanced business services including SalesGuard, BillGuard and PayrollGuard and earn residual income for giving your members access to cash!

Provide the coverage companies need to secure their business when they need cash.

Owning a business can be both challenging and rewarding. That's why tens of thousands of businesses nationwide have SalesGuard. You never know when an unexpected emergency may arise or when a business may need to cover a shortfall. If it does, access to cash is critical in protecting a business. That's why every business needs SalesGuard. Its the 24/7 cash protection and coverage a business needs, available anytime and when they need it.

Since SalesGuard is not insurance or a loan, there is no monthly premium, fixed payments, obligation or commitment. Companies only incur an expense when and if they use SalesGuard.

SalesGuard also offers BillGuard the first and only bill pay service that pays bills when a business can't.

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