Cash Equivalent Advances

Become a Merchant Services Affiliate and earn lucrative cash residuals as well as product or service inventories by marketing Cash Equivalent Advances to your members.

Assist members to get the advance they need. From $50,000 to $5 million!

The Merchant Advance program provides members with $50,000 to $5 million Cash Equivalent Dollars (CED’s) that are used in conjunction with cash to reduce their cash requirement to purchase almost any product or service they need and use for their business.

This isn’t just another ‘Cash Advance’ program. With the Merchant Advance Program, members use their own product, service, excess capacity or production to repay 75% of their advance. The remaining balance is paid back through a small percentage deducted from future credit card sales.

Give members the power to leverage their most valuable asset (excess inventory) to get what they need, while reducing the cash required for purchasing.

Apply to become an affiliate and market Cash Equivalent Advances to your members.