Merchant Rewards

Become a Merchant Services Affiliate and earn monthly cash residuals of 15% of the profit or more on all of the credit card processing of your members.

With Merchant Rewards, accepting credit cards doesn't cost, it Pays!

Merchant Rewards is the only Rewards Program designed for businesses that accept credit cards. Merchants can take advantage of accepting credit cards, earning Reward Dollars, and utilizing the Global Trade Marketplace and Concierge to conserve cash, make money, and generate new business.

Participating Members earn Reward Dollars on Every Sale by Simply Accepting Visa and Mastercard... Merchant Rewards pays merchants 1% of their Visa & Mastercard processing volume in Reward Dollars that can then be spent in the Marketplace (1% up to $50,000 per month in processing & 1/2% thereafter).

Apply to become an affiliate and market merchant accounts with Merchant Rewards to your members.