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Easy Registration

Users complete an online registration form to participate in the exchange, including entering name, address, email, member directory and payment information and selection of a username and password.

Real Time Shopping Cart Enabled E-Commerce

Items offered for sale from multiple sellers can be purchased by buyers. The system processes all of the transactions and posts funds automatically from buyer to various sellers’ accounts upon proper approvals from sellers and exchanges.

New Item Browsing

Buyers can browse the products and services by new items listed, and view a single page of the new item offers since their last visit.

Category Browsing

Buyers can browse the site by category and subcategory to easily find the products and services they are looking for.

Powerful Search Capabilities

Buyers are able to search listings by a number of attributes, including product name, category, and keywords.

Member Directory Search

Buyers can search their local exchange members or global member directory to find companies they wish to do business with. Search attributes include company name, keywords, category, city, state and area code.

Account Administration

Each member has their own personalized area where they control their online experience. Activities members can perform there include
modifying their account information, tracking purchase and sales detail, viewing pending transactions, entering new items for sale, modifying existing items, and viewing online statements.

Email List

A member can subscribe to receive notifications of new items and features via email.

Contact Seller

Buyers have the ability to request additional information on a product or service listing, which initiates an email request for information to the seller.

Online FAQ's, Contact & Help

Users have access to comprehensive online help and tips. They can also send email to the various departments within their exchange.