Phone Postings

Empower your members with enhanced account information and transaction processing using a touch tone phone

By selecting or speaking their selection, callers can hear their trade balance, their available balance and their cash fees owed, or be prompted to post a transaction.

Swipe Card

The Platinum Trade Card enables trade purchases to be processed at the point of sale - even if buyers and seller belong to different exchanges.

You can even distribute Trade Cards to businesses and direct them to your website to activate their cards and open a new trading account.

Consumer Loyalty

Provide members with a card based consumer loyalty program that rewards participating member's customers for their repeat business.

The Consumer Loyalty app provides participating members with a unique program that they fund with trade sales to increase their cash business.

Scrip & Gift Cards

Revolutionize scrip and gift card programs with custom designed stored value and debit cards that can be used at one or multiple restaurants and shops.

Scrip and gift cards loaded with trade dollars can be used for payment at the point of purchase with ordinary merchant terminals or phone postings.

Custom Sites

Get a unique site design theme that reflects your brand and image or barter enable your existing corporate identity website.

Capture attention and differentiate your barter exchange with open source applications featuring content management, social networking and affiliate marketing.

Live Broker

Provide members with Live Broker assistance. Multi-line chat software enables brokers to handle multiple chat sessions simultaneously.

Engage potential members visiting your site with live chat, answer questions and convert interest to a sale. Quickly respond to members to improve client services.

Enhanced CMS

Add videos, news, marketing and informational pages to your site, and manage your content with integrated enhanced open source Content Management.

The same design is used throughout your marketing pages and your vBarter exchange to give your website an Integrated unified design theme.


Easy-to-use, app provides the tools to easily collect, manage and promote member and product reviews and feedback directly on your vBarter exchange.

This powerful suite includes e-mail marketing, survey tools, plus a web-based dashboard, making it easy to connect with members, build loyalty, improve confidence & increase trading.


A suite of API'S and XML integration provides secure connectivity to third party applications, social networking sites, databases and legacy systems.

Minimize administrative tasks, eliminate manual data entry and enhance productivity by automatically transferring data to or from external databases, websites and applications.

Social Networking

Social networking apps including Twitter, facebook & mySpace integration, as well as a calendar of events, builds a sense of community within an exchange.

A host of social networking apps added to your exchange will foster member retention, while increasing new member marketing, website visits and client satisfaction.

Forum and Blog

Open source forums and blogs added to your barter exchange will touch your members, giving them a sense of belonging to a community.

Keep members returning to your site every day to keep up on the latest news, new members and trading tips and expand their creativity with ideas that will foster trading.

Calendar of Events

Provide members with a calendar of events so they can learn about events, trade fairs and sales. Enable members to post their own events.

Enhance member interaction and sense of community with a calendar for your exchange and members to announce their events.