VirtualBarter is a business-to-business Internet e-commerce company that is establishing new online marketplaces, distribution channels and point of purchase transaction processing for worldwide barter and trade.

The company is creating a global trade marketplace for associations, chambers of commerce, business networks, barter companies and their members and clients through a seamlessly integrated family of branded online barter services that have the potential to transform companies, trade exchanges and the commercial barter industry into a unified economy of global cashless trade.

VirtualBarter and its alliance partners in merchant services and financing provide the barter industry with online proprietary barter enabling software, trade exchange management solutions, point of purchase transaction processing, financial, reward and loyalty programs, as well as the infrastructure, core relationships, business model and industry domain expertise to transform and redefine commercial barter as it exists today and enhance profitability of its affiliate exchanges.

The key to a successful global barter marketplace is liquidity that comes with scale: an enormous inventory of items and a massive number of trading partners. VirtualBarter's applications and technology address all industry market sectors, expand inventory and trading partners and increases trade velocity.

VirtualBarter provides companies with Internet trading application solutions that capture full price for surplus inventory, excess capacity or non-performing assets while expanding their customer base or enabling them to do business in countries with unstable currency. Alliances with a network of global trading partners further enhance trade potential.

VirtualBarter also provides liquidity for existing retail barter exchanges serving companies of all sizes, and corporate barter companies serving large multinational corporations, and will ultimately serve as a network of global clearinghouses for barter and trade.

By aggregating buyers, sellers, products, services and vertical industries, such as media and travel, in eBarter enabled Internet marketplaces, VirtualBarter and its alliance partners have begun the process of creating The Global Barter Economy.


VirtualBarter's Exchange Services Group and Technology Alliance Partners help you prepare, install and implement, a VirtualBarter powered technology solution to maximize the way you do business.

VirtualBarter offers a wide range of rapid implementation solutions to get Trade Exchanges and Brokers up and running as quickly as possible.

Our Trade Partner and Exchange Services Group ensure that you have access to the support and expertise you need, during every phase of your implementation and participation.