Real Time Trading

Save time and be more productive, as exchange members can facilitate their own trading and manage their own account. No more calling for availabilities. Reduces faxing and calls for detailed information. If a member sees it, they can put it in their shopping cart and buy it.

24 hour e-commerce

The Internet has no days off. Members are empowered to sell and spend trade 24/7, 365 days a year. Members can even process their own online reservations for hotels and resorts worldwide.

More Buyers / More Members

Move excess inventories to new buyers and facilitate larger trades. More exchanges to trade with. More products available. Ability to sell excess capacity to many exchange's members with one listing.

More hard goods available

Members will accept more trade, to get the trade to buy the things they want.

Corporate trade inventories available

Products and capacity trades from corporate barter companies are available to purchase online.

Real time statements & reports

Interactive multi-view reports and real time online member statements reduces member service and support as members can research on their own.

Widest possible acceptance of trade

New benefits, expanded inventories and more participation. Uses global clearinghouse currency for interexchange settlement.

Exchange members buy & sell in their own currency

Completely transparent to exchange members. All purchases and sales appear on their trade statement in their own currency.