I have researched many barter software programs since entering the industry almost 20 years ago, and have utilized six different software platforms. Finally in November 2012, we moved to the new version of VirtualBarter.

Our members and staff were pleasantly surprised by the ease of use in the front and back ends of vBarter. We continue to receive compliments from our members for the look of the website and the functionality of the platform.

As with other platforms, technical support is critical to the smooth operation of our trade exchange. In this respect, Bruce has demonstrated a high degree of dedication and professionalism commonly lacking from other software providers.

We are completely satisfied, and I highly recommend VirtualBarter for trade exchanges to improve member satisfaction and increase trade volume.

Scot W. Mathewson
President iTradeEarth, Inc.

When I decided to start comparing the top options for exchange software a few years ago, I was not just looking at the software to operate as one local exchange, but as a platform that could support a global clearinghouse for Trade Brokers and their clients everywhere for www.CollectiveCurrency.com

The VBarter platform already supports diverse exchanges, with optional inter-exchange connectivity, which immediately made many offers available to our new and prospective members. The features of the platform have been developed since 2000 based on the specifications of one of America's most successful career trade brokers, the amiable Bruce Kamm.

Most importantly, Bruce shared my vision and has been most accommodating of my customization requirements. So much so, that I have used his team to develop additional custom software (www.CreditClearingSolutions.com) and an e-commerce website (www.Dealacopia.com).

I can highly recommend VirtualBarter and their experienced team of developers. I look forward to working with them for a long time to come

Steve Dale
CEO Universal Expansion Group

Global X has used VirtualBarter for just over two years. I looked at several different barter software programs and was very impressed with VB. I can honestly say that after using the platform for over two years, I continue to be very impressed. My staff has found this software very easy to use and very easy to learn.

One of the most important features I found when Global X first started out, was that the VirtualBarter software could grow as your company grew. The software became very easy to adapt as our company grew.

The costs associated with a huge software program can typically be prohibitive. The VB software was very inexpensive to begin with and has continued to be very cost effective as we continually add more and more members.

I highly recommend Bruce and his VirtualBarter software to both new barter companies and well established exchanges, as we could not be happier.

Randy Wolfe
President GlobalXchange

I have been looking at software packages for over three years. VirtualBarter had pretty much every component I was looking for. And for the components it didn't have, Bruce was very willing to add the functionality to earn my business.

The biggest advantage of VirtualBarter is Bruce Kamm, He has over 25 years’ experience in the industry. Bruce is not just a software developer, but he actually has real world industry experience in running his own exchange. VirtualBarter is going to change this industry!

Kevin Daly
Territory Owner NuBarter

For nearly six years we’ve had the privilege of working with Bruce Kamm and virtualBarter.

All good business is built upon value and relationships. Bruce and virtualBarter deliver the highest quality of both. We’ve found the virtualBarter software to be dependable, easy to use for both admin and members alike; seamless and efficient, yet robust enough to accommodate the most aggressive growth plans for any trade exchange.

Service is of high importance to us and we are most pleased with the response time and integrity of service we’ve become accustomed to with virtualBarter. Our overall experience with the entire team at virtualBarter gets our highest marks. The company view and positioning for global growth and collaboration among forward-thinking trade exchange owners is a big plus.

We highly recommend virtualBarter for any trade exchange owners, whether they are start-up or seasoned traders.

Tony Holden
Founder & CEO SynergyStreetTRADE

For twenty years I have admired Bruce Kamm's ambition and achievements in the Reciprocal Trade Industry. From the early days when he grew and managed the showcase franchise for the largest Trade Exchange in the world and subsequently won most of the recognition and performance awards every year.

Then when he designed and built the first web based, SAAS trading platform, VirtualBarter, based upon his extensive hands on experience and forward thinking. To today, where he is a leader in vertical services and corporate trading, setting higher standards for the marketplace.

It is a pleasure to work and collaborate with such a qualified and professional person, who can provide the system, service and support to help realize a long held vision and dream.

Darryl Astin
CEO  CommunityCredits.com

I really appreciate everything you have done for me through this project. I would have been a floundering mess without your direction and assistance. Not to mention how difficult this would have been to do, had you only worked normal business hours.