The reviews are in… exchanges that started using VB CRM to enhance brokering and customer relationship management love the flexibility and ease of use to track and¬†manage notes, reminders, tasks, emails, calls and appointments, as well as email campaigns and trade opportunities.

VirtualBarter now includes commerical strength, cloud hosted, managed CRM with every Enterprise or above subscription at no addtional cost! Exchanges get the powerful benefits and features of a commercial CRM platform without the typical $35 to $75 per month per user cost of hosted CRM software such as Salesforce, SugarCRM and Zoho, which will save many exchanges hundreds of dollars per month.

Exchanges that upgrade from a Startup, Basic or Pro version of the vBarter Exchange Management Software in January or February prior to the launch of vBarter Phoenix, also receive a free $140 CRM customization package that includes branding with their logo, member data import, tab set-up and administrator management.

With VB CRM, exchanges have the felixibility of installing plug-ins from a vast library of add-ons to enhance the features and functionality of their CRM, making customization for an individual exchange’s needs virtually limitless.

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