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Mindsets for Barter & Trade

Learn everything you need to know to start, manage and build trade velocity in your own Barter exchange...

Barter & Trade is a $650 Billion global industry, yet it has less than 4% market penetration. The opportunity to start and grow a trade exchange into a highly successful enterprise in today’s economy is enormous!

Learn from award winning experts in the barter industry having over 35 years of combined expertise in starting exchanges, managing operations, sales training, marketing, creative trading, real estate trading, foundations and non-profits, and building incredible trade velocity.

You will leave this learning experience with all of the tools and materials needed to successfully run a barter exchange, including online Internet trade exchange management software and membership in the VirtualBarter Global Trade Alliance, which will provide you and your trade exchange members with access to an online global trade marketplace of products and services.

A Great Business with Huge Profit Potential…

Just 150 members joining your trade exchange in your first year will typically generate more than $45,000 in membership fees. At just $1000 average trade per month per member, with 150 members, your exchange should generate over $90,000 in transaction & monthly fees. An average exchange of 500 members will typically generate over $300,000 annually! Plus you’ll earn an additional $100,000+ a year in trade to offset expenses or enhance your quality of life.

Who should start an exchange:

· Entrepreneurs
· College graduates
· People interested in starting their own business
· Sales people or administrators looking for a new career
· Corporate execs tired of making money for others
· Finance and Real Estate professionals looking for a change
· Housewives or single mothers interested in a home business
· Semi-retirees seeking a part-time business for a better lifestyle

Get the tools and knowledge you need to prosper and profit in the explosive $9 Billion retail barter business…

Learn from a pro with over 18 years of barter domain expertise that started a barter exchange in New York City and grew the exchange to 750 members trading over $16 million annually, generating over $600,000 a year in fees and revenues. Avoid mistakes and pitfalls that will set your trade velocity and profit earning potential back years. Get your exchange on track with new members, immediate trading and revenue beginning week one!

Just five sessions of Mindsets for Barter & Trade can put you on your way to start your own Barter Exchange:

Session 1: Barter Basics

Learn why businesses barter, how to get them to join your exchange, and how to increase your market share. Find out how to structure your exchange, office and personnel, develop core trading categories, design trading circles, build trade velocity, create incentives, maximize initiation fees, use the Internet to leverage your exchange, and more…

Session 2: Exchange Management

Get day to day management expertise to manage your exchange, learn how to recruit and manage brokers, client broker relationships, call scheduling, Learn the art of using management reports to focus and fine tune your business. Find out how to motivate brokers through various sales commission structures and bonus programs.

Session 3: Trading Tools

Learn about trading tools, software and technology that will empower you to focus on building your business instead of dealing with routine daily administrative tasks. Find out how to develop reciprocal trade alliances and a global network of buyers and sellers. Session 3 features a detailed demonstration of the VirtualBarter trade exchange management system and global trade marketplace, with plenty of time for Q&A.

Session 4: Sales Training

Learn the steps to achieve incredible new member sales and drive new member marketing revenue to unparalleled limits. Find out how to observe prospects and learn about their business, needs and requirements, and the art of powerful presentations that overcome all objections. Find out how to get new referrals, and how to turn your clients into sales enthusiasts. You will finish the session by experiencing sales presentations that work and close sales.

Session 5: Building Trade Velocity

Learn about creative trading that will build trade velocity, in your exchange. Discussion items include media promotions, incentives & giveaways, barter mortgages, trading for media, real estate trading and 1031 exchanges, creating a foundation for trade dollar donations, working with charities, trading for excess capacity, and tricks of the trade.

Incredible Value: Get an all inclusive $8,945 package for just $2900:

· Five sessions of one on one training and information – $3000 value
· Trade dollar credit line to start your exchange – $2500 value
· VirtualBarter Trade Alliance Setup fee – $1500 value
· Training Materials, contracts, trading rules and forms – $595 value
· Three months of ongoing support via email – $750 value
· Set-up and customization of your online exchange – $600 value

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