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Barter Software to Start a Trade Exchange

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Today, you have several options for online barter software to manage your barter exchange… Making the best choice not only depends on your specific needs and desires, but also choosing the right business partner to provide and host your software.

You want the software to be bullet proof and hosted at a top tier hosting facility to assure reliability and zero downtime. And, you want to be able to make your own rules and business decision about your barter exchange, rather than being told by your software provider what you can and cannot do.

Here are several considerations to look for and other considerations that should be a warning sign to look elsewhere…

Does the software provide you with a platform where you can control your member’s trading experience and run a world class business to business barter exchange where you, not your software provider or licensor, sets the rules?

Does the software feature a huge marketplace filled with yard sale merchandise, overpriced off brand products, used household items and trade listing offers that often never get shipped, where you are locked in to sharing your members and offers with other exchanges?

Does the software automate your administrative tasks so that one or two people can manage a 300 to 500 member exchange, so you can spend most of your time acquiring new members and generating trade velocity?

Make sure the software is totally intuitive, simple to use, easy to navigate and doesn’t require a college degree in computer technology or you will be spending your time showing members how to use it or actually doing everything for them.

Can the software provider enable you to facilitate large corporate barter transactions without the need to build the infrastructure, when a transaction doesn’t fit into the retail barter model, so that you can earn tens of thousands of dollars at three times the percentage you would earn from a retail barter transaction?

Does the software provider charge a percentage of your revenue because they think that they should be your partner and the more you earn, the more they should get, or do they just charge a monthly subscription fee?

Does the software provider focus their efforts on on running their own barter exchange, and actually designed the software for their own use, but is now licensing it to other exchanges?

Perhaps you are exploring a franchise in a regional or national barter system. They often keep 25% to 40% of your revenues for accounting, collection and administrative services that you can actually do yourself for less than 5%!

Explore all of your options and do your due diligence as many barter exchange owners make the wrong choice and then find themselves with the daunting task of switching software and perhaps, even loosing their members to an unscrupulous software vendor who won’t release their member and transaction data.

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