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The reviews are in… exchanges that started using VB CRM to enhance brokering and customer relationship management love the flexibility and ease of use to track and manage notes, reminders, tasks, emails, calls and appointments, as well as email campaigns and trade opportunities.

VirtualBarter now includes commerical strength, cloud hosted, managed CRM with every Enterprise or above subscription at no addtional cost! Exchanges get the powerful benefits and features of a commercial CRM platform without the typical $35 to $75 per month per user cost of hosted CRM software such as Salesforce, SugarCRM and Zoho, which will save many exchanges hundreds of dollars per month.

Exchanges that upgrade from a Startup, Basic or Pro version of the vBarter Exchange Management Software in January or February prior to the launch of vBarter Phoenix, also receive a free $140 CRM customization package that includes branding with their logo, member data import, tab set-up and administrator management.

With VB CRM, exchanges have the felixibility of installing plug-ins from a vast library of add-ons to enhance the features and functionality of their CRM, making customization for an individual exchange’s needs virtually limitless.

VirtualBarter is built to lead the way with great opportunities to help barter exchanges succeed.

There are barter exchange software providers, and there are barter exchange software companies that are much more than just software providers. VirtualBarter offers opportunities no other software company can match, with proprietary products and services to help businesses grow.


Due to the challenges barter exchanges faced with US banks not quite understanding the barter business model, causing them to decline most merchant account applications, VirtualBarter partnered with WorldPay to bring exchanges a variety of merchant account services for small businesses, making it easier to accept credit and debit card payments, face-to-face or on the go.


Bruce Kamm, founder and CEO says: “most banks will not provide a merchant account to barter exchanges, as bank underwriters do not understand the barter exchange business model. VirtualBarter collaborated with Worldpay underwriters to help them understand the barter exchange business model, so that barter exchanges are an approved business type at Worldpay.”


WorldPay, the third largest processor in the US, will review an exchange’s merchant account statement to determine the percentage they are actually paying for merchant services. Most exchanges will find that the 2.2% discount rate quoted by their bank is actually 6% after adding in all of the extra charges and unqualified fees.


Bruce continues: “After switching to WorldPay, we saved hundreds of dollars a month in just the first two months. An exchange can save 30% or more on merchant processing fees with a WorldPay account. For example, if your exchange processes just $10,000 a month, you can save $200 to $300 per month.”


“VirtualBarter is not your typical barter software company. We partner with our clients. We continually strive to find value-adds to help our exchanges succeed. And now, even outside our client list, we’re able to help enhance member satisfaction and increase profitability”, says Kamm.


Become an Agent and earn immediate residuals!

Not only will your business benefit by switching your merchant services, but you can become an agent and have your own co-branded website with your logo, and offer merchant accounts to members.


Earn $50 for each new account + ongoing cash residuals that have the potential to increase an exchange’s revenue by 50% or more!


Contact Lauren Shepard to get started:


More news

vBarter Phoenix, VirtualBarter’s new exchange management platform will launch soon. Packed with a vast array of new features, including a totally redesigned user interface and many collaboration and social media features, the new platform has advanced processing, marketing, and member as well as prospect management built into the software. All built to make exchange management easier, current VB exchanges will automatically be upgraded to the new software.


vBarter Phoenix is a revolutionary, new trade exchange management platform that features a brilliant approach to the way members interact with your exchange and transact with other members. Widgets, Plug-ins & Apps integrate a brilliant array of services with extensive API’S that extend functionality and transaction processing to third party apps and devices.


“It’s modular and customizable. An exchange’s branding, and specific feature set with customized modules provides a unique user experience in a comprehensive platform. Real time alerts and integrated statistics provide a birds eye view of the data an exchange needs to make intelligent decisions. Just a low monthly software subscription fee provides for a high return by minimizing your administrative tasks while enhancing member satisfaction. We’re excited to offer this revolutionary platform to the reciprocal trade industry”, says Mr. Kamm.


About VirtualBarter

VirtualBarter is an Internet technology leader that establishes new online marketplaces, distribution channels and point-of-purchase transaction processing. Designed for worldwide barter and trade, VirtualBarter is built to improve and deliver quality services that enhance client and member satisfaction.

Barter Software to Start a Trade Exchange

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Today, you have several options for online barter software to manage your barter exchange… Making the best choice not only depends on your specific needs and desires, but also choosing the right business partner to provide and host your software.

You want the software to be bullet proof and hosted at a top tier hosting facility to assure reliability and zero downtime. And, you want to be able to make your own rules and business decision about your barter exchange, rather than being told by your software provider what you can and cannot do.

Here are several considerations to look for and other considerations that should be a warning sign to look elsewhere…

Does the software provide you with a platform where you can control your member’s trading experience and run a world class business to business barter exchange where you, not your software provider or licensor, sets the rules?

Does the software feature a huge marketplace filled with yard sale merchandise, overpriced off brand products, used household items and trade listing offers that often never get shipped, where you are locked in to sharing your members and offers with other exchanges?

Does the software automate your administrative tasks so that one or two people can manage a 300 to 500 member exchange, so you can spend most of your time acquiring new members and generating trade velocity?

Make sure the software is totally intuitive, simple to use, easy to navigate and doesn’t require a college degree in computer technology or you will be spending your time showing members how to use it or actually doing everything for them.

Can the software provider enable you to facilitate large corporate barter transactions without the need to build the infrastructure, when a transaction doesn’t fit into the retail barter model, so that you can earn tens of thousands of dollars at three times the percentage you would earn from a retail barter transaction?

Does the software provider charge a percentage of your revenue because they think that they should be your partner and the more you earn, the more they should get, or do they just charge a monthly subscription fee?

Does the software provider focus their efforts on on running their own barter exchange, and actually designed the software for their own use, but is now licensing it to other exchanges?

Perhaps you are exploring a franchise in a regional or national barter system. They often keep 25% to 40% of your revenues for accounting, collection and administrative services that you can actually do yourself for less than 5%!

Explore all of your options and do your due diligence as many barter exchange owners make the wrong choice and then find themselves with the daunting task of switching software and perhaps, even loosing their members to an unscrupulous software vendor who won’t release their member and transaction data.

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