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VirtualBarter invites you to be a Forum moderator!
VirtualBarter’s Forum – Built to make collaboration easier!

You’ve had a Collaboration Forum for years, but it’s never looked like this!

With new business enhancing topics, all we need now are expert leaders like you to help foster and improve collaboration between exchanges.

You’re a valuable asset to the barter industry.

We welcome you to become a VB Forum moderator for one or more topics.

Let’s get the conversations started and help each other succeed.

You’ll be empowered to collaborate with other barter exchanges, trade directors, trade consultants, media companies, business networks and organizations that provide barter services or utilize barter to gain their share of this enormous business potential.

We would like your valued opinion on topics such as:
- New software features
- Ideas to use the Trade Card as a global payment system
- Using the CashBack MasterCard for new member prospecting
- Brand awareness for exchanges
- Advertising concepts for member referrals

Register today. Just click here and go to the link at the bottom of the page to get full access to all Forum topics.

Let us know which topic(s) you would like to moderate or lead. Contact Lauren Shepard at:

Along with collaboration benefits you’ll enjoy on the Forum, the VB community would like to learn from experts like you. This is your opportunity to participate in discussions, enhance productivity, increase trade velocity through reciprocal trades, and gain barter domain expertise, which will increase every exchanges profit potential.

Join us. Go to your Forum now, register, and help lead the way to collaboration!

Thank you,
The VirtualBarter collaborative team