Virtual Barter Online Trade Exchange

VirtualBarter is a complete world-class trade exchange management system featuring 24/7 trading in an online Internet marketplace, an online interactive member directory, and point of purchase transaction processing. Built from the ground up as an Internet based trading and account management system, VirtualBarter has everything you'll ever want to run and manage your exchange.

Trade Velocity Through Collaboration

You can elect to link with other exchanges to enable inter-exchange trading and collaborate in a global network of independent exchanges whose members can all trade with each other utilizing their own local trade dollars via automated transparent exchange offset currency processing between exchanges.

E-commerce enabled

The Virtual Barter Marketplace provides a robust, feature rich shopping engine that lets you or your members establish an interactive marketplace by building your own database of products or services available for sale. It is fully customizable and configurable to provide high level of control over the items or services you or your members would like to offer on trade.

Real Time 24/7 Trading

Virtual Barter features 24/7 real time trading, online member statements, online, phone and terminal postings, and most important, unlike other exchange networks, it's your brand, your business, you own your clients, you maintain control, and you make your own rules.

Built By Experts

VirtualBarter was designed and developed by a barter industry professional with years of software user interface and barter domain expertise, who launched and managed a highly successful barter exchange. The softwa